High-Build, UV-Resistant Polyaspartic Floor Coating

4 m2/L @ 250 microns

160 ft2/gal @ 10 mils DFT

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Polyuretel High-Build UV-Resistant Polyaspartic Floor Coating is a two-component, polyaspartic based, liquid-applied protective floor coating. This fast-curing, very low VOC formulation has a low viscosity with outstanding “wetting” properties, abrasion and UV resistance for colour and gloss stability, with exceptional weathering- and chemical-resistance properties.

  • Very low VOCs, fast setting and easy to apply.
  • Resistant to weathering and colour fade by ultraviolet rays.
  • Wide service temperature range.
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Good flow and leveling properties for finishing.
  • Excellent gloss retention, hardness and non-yellowing properties.
  • High tear resistance and tensile strength.
  • Non-staining chemical resistance.
  • Adheres to fiberglass, concrete, masonry, plastics, metals and wood.
  • May be used to protect walls and other vertical surfaces.
  • Available in Slow and Fast Cure versions.

Polyuretel High-Build UV-Resistant Polyaspartic Floor Coating is a roller-, brush- or spray-applied topcoat used in a wide range of institutional, commercial and industrial floor applications where long term durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance is required. This product is used as a clear or pigmented protective topcoat used in both interior and exterior applications. Polyuretel is ideal for: Protect epoxy-coated floors against yellowing used in institutional, commercial and industrial areas, Retail stores, office buildings, hotels, casinos, restaurants, entertainment venues, lobbies and other uses where a durable floor surface is required, Food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants and laboratories, Warehouse and production floor areas, as well as Coating metal, aluminum, steel and bronze.

Physical Properties

Clear and Tinted

  • 4 m2/L @ 250 microns
  • 160 ft2/gal @ 10 mils DFT

(Note: 2 coats recommended for best results)

Mix Ratio
  • Part A (Resin): Part B (Catalyst)
  • 2:1 by volume (Clear)
Cure Time @ 23°C (75°F)
  • To touch: 4 hours
  • Light traffic: 6-8 hours
  • Fully cured: 1 day
Pot Life - working time @ 23°C (75°F)

15 minutes


Lacquer thinner or IPA


30 g/L

Performance Properties
Method Results
Percent Solids

ASTM D7232-06


Mixed Viscosity 23°C (75°F)

ASTM D2196

1,050 cps

Specific Gravity


  • Clear: 1.07 ± 0.01 g/L (8.90 ± 0.1 lb/gal)
  • Pigmented: 1.2 0.01 g/L (10.0 ± 0.1 lb/gal)
Tensile Strength

ASTM 695-85

6,800 psi

Taber Abrasion Resistance

CS-17 wheel

25 mg, 100 g load, 1000 cycles




Shore D Hardness


Hardness (7 Days)

ASTM D3363


Mar Resistance

ASTM D5178

1.0 kg

QUV Weathering

ASTM D4587

90% (1000 hr.-initial) Gloss retention: 80% (final), no chalking

Colour Retention

ASTM D4587

∆E 1.125 @ 1000 hours

Service Temperature Range

-40°C to 120°C