DUREX SUPER STIPPLE is available in standard White and Accent base and
can be pigmented to a variety of pastel or medium tint colours. Packaged
in 18.9L pail and
4L cans.

Coverage will vary depending on the condition of the substrate. Average
coverage is approximately 21 m2 per pail
(220 ft2) per pail.

Prepare wall, remove dust or other loose materials and any oil
contamination. Apply acrylic based primer by roller. Tint with universal
colourants using heavy duty drill mixer
to achieve a desired uniform colour. Apply with steel spatulas, patching
the material randomly using longer “key” strokes onto the wall.

Fill in with shorter “locking keys”, thus tying things together. Complete
the missed areas with overlapping patches. Apply another thin coat to
knock down nibs by feathering. Burnish with spatula to achieve desired
sheen. Apply acrylic clear sealer. Best results are obtained when
application and curing temperatures are kept between 15C to 20C (60F to
68F) and a RH of 50% to 65%. During time will vary depending on substrate
condition, curing temperature conditions and thickness of material
applied. Allow 20
minutes to one hour under ideal conditions prior to starting polishing

NOTE: Thicker coats or rougher textures will require longer drying times
prior to polishing.

Acrylic High Build Multi-Coloured Decorative Coating

Product Description:
DUREX SUPER STIPPLE is an acrylic water-based
high build decorative coating, used to provide multiple
effect finishes to a wall. It is available in white and
accent bases.

DUREX SUPER STIPPLE is used primarily for interior
wall surfaces in residential, commercial or institutional


  • Ready to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be tinted to an infinite range of colours
  • Creates subtle colour variations
  • Water-based which makes it easy to clean tools
  • Non-combust
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