Duracrete Self Leveling Chemical Resistant - 1.5-2 mm
Self-Leveling Epoxy Surfacing System

Duracrete SL (Self-Leveling) Epoxy Surfacing System is a pigmented, self-leveling epoxy surfacing that utilizes highly chemical resistant epoxy components to renovate worn concrete floors or protect new concrete against heavy wear with added chemical resistance. Duracrete SL (Self-Leveling) Epoxy Surfacing can be installed as a self-sealing system, broadcast with silica and resealed to produce a solid-coloured texture system.

  • Economical and durable flooring system
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistant
  • Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
  • CFIA approved and USDA compliant for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants

Duracrete SL Self-Leveling Epoxy Surfacing System offers long-term, low-maintenance service for heavy industrial, commercial and institutional flooring applications. It is easily textured to provide sure footing in areas subject to spills and wash-downs. Duracrete SL Self-Leveling Epoxy Surfacing System is ideal for clean rooms, areas that produce light manufacturing and assembly, warehouses, workshops, mechanical rooms and laboratories, variety of commerial and retail applications.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Self Level Layer
Body Coat
Top Coat