Self-Leveling Granite Replicating Epoxy Floor System

MarbleTech is a liquid applied decorative epoxy floor system that replicates a Marble Slab. Installed by specially trained applicators, it is a three-step system that produces a resinous and seamless marble-like finish that is customized by the installer. MarbleTech incorporates a coloured epoxy based primer, a thixotropic solid-coloured epoxy coating with marble veins that are artfully installed, with a clear abrasion resistant topcoat sealer to yield a long wearing decorative floor

  • Fast and easy installation for a Marble-like decorative appearance
  • Very low odour (depending on topcoat)
  • Economical and durable floor with excellent colour retention properties
  • Resistant to contaminants such as salt and light chemicals
  • Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Customizable Aesthetics.  Limitless options. 

MarbleTech is used as a decorative flooring system to product a long-term, low maintenance floor for high traffic retail, commercial, residential and institutional applications. The finish topcoat is available in smooth or fine texture to provide sure footing and anti-slip properties.  Veining and colours can be customized as desired

Performance Properties
Compressive Strength @ 7 days

ASTM C 579

11,500 psi

Flexural Strength

ASTM C 580

4,500 psi

Water Absorption

ASTM C 413



ASTM D 635


Impact Resistance

ASTM D 2794

16 ft/lb (Concrete fractures)


MIL D-3134F

No Indentation

Bond Strength

ACI 503R

350 psi (Substrate failure)

Coefficient of Friction

ASTM D 1894-61T


Thermal Coefficient of Expansion

ASTM D 696

0.000046 per inch per -18°C

Abrasion Resistance CS-17 wheel, 1 kg. load, 1000 rev.

ASTM D 4060

0.1 mg. max weight loss

Thermal Shock Resistance

ASTM C 884


Tensile Strength

ASTM C 307

2,250 psi

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes