Stucco Lite HM (High Moisture)
Indoor Pools & High Moisture Areas Protective Cladding System

Stucco Lite HM is a non-insulated wall coating system for high moisture areas, specifically designed to control and prevent vapour diffusion from the high moisture environment into the adjacent structure. The system consists of an exclusive cementitious trowel applied vapour barrier coating glass fibre reinforcing mesh, topped with base coats, and a finish texture coat which can be selected from any one of the available Durex® Architectural Coatings.

  • Excellent vapour control system
  • Easy to apply
  • Allows for use of a wide variety of finish textures
  • Impact resistant 
  • Applicable for new and existing construction

Stucco Lite HM system can be used for both new and restoration work. It is highly recommended for use  in high humidity areas, especially swimming pools, indoor water parks and high moisture areas.

Performance Properties
Building Code Conformance


Category 1

CAN/ULC S114 (Monobase) & Uniplast


Noncombustible stucco cladding

Part 3

  • Article
  • Article & Table
  • Allowable Minor Combustible Components
  • 0-10% Unprotected Openings

Part 5

  • Section 5.6.1
  • Sub-Section
  • Protection from Precipitation
  • Sealing and Drainage

Part 9

  • Clause
  • Section 9.27.2
  • Article
  • Article & Table (A)
  • Article
  • General (Cladding, Application)
  • Required Protection from Precipitation
  • Elements of Second Plane of Protection
  • 0-10% Unprotected Openings
  • <0.6 m Limiting Distance

- Cementitious Backer Board

- Glass Mat Gypsum Sheathing

- Concrete

ASTM C1325

ASTM C1177

12.7 mm (1/2”) min.

12.7 mm (1/2”) min.


Air / Vapour Barriers

  Durex EctoFlex

Air Barriers

  Durex Flexcrete


ASTM E96  Water Vapour Transmission

(Refer to product specific Technical Data

Sheet for more detailed data)

(for best results use two coats of WRB)

    Method A                              Method B

18 ng/Pa.s.m2                                  91 ng/Pa.s.m2


400 ng/Pa.s.m2                              972 ng/Pa.s.m2


Impant Resistance

Durex Fiberglass Mesh

(Note: Impact resistance level is directly related

to the weight and  layers of Fiberglass mesh

used in the lamina)


ASTM E2486 – Impact Resistance

(Refer to Table 1.5.9 of the Quantum 5.0

Specifications for detailed selection chart

or guidance on level of impact resistance


                        Retention            Retention         

                        Physical               Performance

Standard            3 N.m                   10 N.m            PASS

Intermediate    8  N.m                   15 N.m              PASS

High                  13 N.m                   20 N.m           PASS

Ultra High        20 N.m                   30 N.m            PASS

Extreme           25 N.m                   40 N.m            PASS


- Durex Flexcrete or

- Durex Monobase

- Durex Uniplast / Acrybond “S”





Rated noncombustible

Rated noncombustible


-Durex “M” fasteners (masonry)

-Durex “W” fasteners (wood)

-Durex “S” fasteners (steel)

ASTM B-117 – salt spray

DIN 50012 - SO2 exposure


DIN 50018 SFW

750 hrs. or better

25+ cycles

30 cycles



Durex Architectural  Coatings

   Classic Series

   Premium Series

   Artisan Series

   Kolor Gard Series

   Elastomeric (FX) Series


CAN/ULC S716.1   &

CCMC Report #  13103-R

(Refer to product specific Technical Data

Sheet and CCMC Evaluation Report

# 13103-R for more detailed data)


Durex Architectural Coatings

Meet and exceed all requirements



Water Vapour  Transmission

ASTM E96 - EctoFlex

18 ng/Pa.s.m2 (0.3 perms) method A (one coat)

6 ng/Pa.s.m2 (0.11 perms) method A (two coats)

Water absorption



Coefficient of Water Absorption

CCMC 5.5.1

0.0007 kg/(m2.s1/2)

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
2 Layers Water Resistive Barriers (WRB)
Transition Membrane
Reinforcing Mesh
Base Coat
Finishes - Classic Series
Finishes - Premium Series
Finishes - Artisan Series
Finishes - Flexible Series
Finishes - Kolor Gard
Galvanized Trim