IBS (Integrated Building System)
Prefabricated, Load-Bearing Building System for Mid-Rise Buildings up to 8 Storeys

Integrated Building System (IBS) is a lightweight steel / EIFS pre-engineering building system. It is a unitized curtain wall system that integrates the performance of several wall components for providing the essential environmental separation controls of heat / air / moisture / fire, strength, durability, and aesthetics, all in one lightweight, energy efficient, cost effective wall assembly. 

  • Pre-engineered lightweight panel design
  • Speed of construction
  • Pressure moderate rain screen design
  • Air/Water tight building envelope design
  • Geometrically defined drainage cavity (GDDC)
  • Superior thermal performance (CI)
  • Low weight

IBS (Integrated Building System comprises of a prefabricated approach for the entire structural portion of buildings up to 8 storeys in building height.  Inclusive of interior walls, floor systems and a prefinished load-bearing exterior wall system.  Making it the only system in its class with full code compliant listings with fire rated walls up to 2 HRS.  (contact a Durabond representative for and indepth review of features and proven performance).

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Water Resistive Barriers (WRB)
Transition Membranes
Insulation Adhesives
Rigid Insulation (Exterior)
Base Coat
Reinforcing Mesh
Finishes - Classic Series
Finishes - Premium Series
Finishes - Artisan Series
Finishes - Flexible Series
Finishes - Kolor Gard