Quantum Select ICF
Advanced-Drained Moisture-Managed EIFS for ICF (Adhered)

Quantum ICF is a pressure moderated, Exterior Insulation and Finish System that includes the installation of Quantum Select over an approved Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) substrate, which is coated with a water resistive barrier.

  • CAN/ULC S716 compliant
  • CCMC listed (13103-R)
  • Continuous venting at floor lines and horizontal terminations, using pre-manufactured vented boards
  • Positive drainage (through a network of vertical and horizontal channels)
  • Continuous air/vapour barrier
  • Simple interfacing with other pressure equalized
  • 2-hour fire rating in accordance with ULC W456
  • Economical
  • Aesthetic design flexibility
  • Continuous Insulation – CI Factor = 0.65 RSI/in (Type 1 EPS)   0.7 RSI/in (Type2 EPS)

Quantum ICF is intended for use on buildings where the Building Code allows the use of fire-tested wall assemblies which include combustible foam plastic insulation.

Performance Properties
Building Code Conformance


Category 2




Non-Combustible Lamina

Fire Test of Exterior Wall Assemblies

Part 3

  • Article
  • Article
  • Article & Table
  • Sub-Section (1) (b)
  • Combustible Cladding on Exterior Walls
  • Allowable Minor Combustible Components
  • >10% Unprotected Openings
  • CAN/ULC S101-15 minutes - Non-Combustible Base Coat

Part 5

  • Section 5.6.1
  • Sub-Section
  • Section 5.9.4
  • Protection from Precipitation
  • Sealing and Drainage
  • Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

Part 9

  • Clause
  • Sub-Section
  • Clause
  • Section 9.27.2
  • Article
  • Sub-Section 9.27.13
  • Article & Table (A)
  • Article
  • Insulation Materials  CAN/ULC S701
  • Position of Low Permeance Membranes
  • General (Cladding, Application)
  • Required Protection from Precipitation
  • Elements of Second Plane of Protection
  • Exterior Insulation Finish Systems
  • >10% Unprotected Openings
  • >0.6 m Limiting Distance


Durex Quantum Select Type I

Durex Quantum Select Type II



Thermal Resistance                  GDDC Factor

0.65 RSI  (R 3.9) per inch                  47%

0.70 RSI  (R 4.0) per inch                  47%


 Air / Vapour Barriers

-  Durex Ectoflex

Air Barriers

-  Durex Flexcrete

ASTM E96   – Water Vapour Transmission

(Refer to product specific Technical Data Sheet for more detailed data)

   Method A                                Method B

18 ng/Pa.s.m2                                  91 ng/Pa.s.m2


400 ng/Pa.s.m2                              972 ng/Pa.s.m2


Durex Flexcrete

Durex Monobase

Durex VCA 3.0

ASTM D1623    Adhesion Properties

(Refer to product specific Technical Data Sheet for more detailed data)

1.12 MPa   (162 psi)

1.38 MPa   (200 psi)

1.02 MPa   (148 psi)


Impant Resistance

Durex Fiberglass Mesh

(Note: Impact resistance level is directly related to

the weight and  layers of Fiberglass mesh used in

the lamina)


ASTM E2486 – Impact Resistance

(Refer to Table 1.5.9 of the Quantum Select ICF

Specifications for detailed selection chart for

guidance on level of impact resistance required)

                        Retention            Retention         

                        Physical               Performance

Standard            3 N.m                   10 N.m            PASS

Intermediate    8  N.m                   15 N.m            PASS

High                  13 N.m                   20 N.m            PASS

Ultra High        20 N.m                   30 N.m            PASS

Extreme           25 N.m                   40 N.m            PASS

Base Coat

  Durex Uniplast/Acrybond “S”

  Durex Monobase

  Durex Flexcrete


CAN/ULC S114  Noncombustibility


Rated Noncombustible

Rated Noncombustible


Durex Architectural  Coatings

   Classic Series

   Premium Series

   Artisan Series

   Kolor Gard Series

   Elastomeric (FX) Series


CAN/ULC S716.1   &

CCMC Report #  13103-R

(Refer to product specific Technical Data Sheet

and CCMC Evaluation Report # 13103-R for

more detailed data)


Durex Architectural Coatings

Meet and exceed all requirements


  Fire Protection

(Refer CCMC Evaluation Report # 13103-R for

complete detailed performance data)


(Compliance to NBC (b) )


(Compliance to NBC



Rated as non-combustible cladding ULC design EW23


Intertek  listing  # DPL-WEIFS 30-01

Wind Load Resistance

ASTM E330    – sustained

ASTM E330    – cyclic


ASTM E330    – blow-out

-2.5 kPa for 60min. – no visible damage to any of the wall components

-600 cycles alt. 0 to -2.5kPa – no visible damage to any of the wall components

-3.75kPa applied for 10 sec. – no visible damage to any of the wall components - max. pressure 7.12 kPa

Water Tightness


400 Pa pressure difference for 15 min. –  no water penetration through the  exterior surface finish

System Compliance

CCMC Technical Guide for EIFS

-CAN/ULC S716.1  EIFS Materials & System

CCMC Evaluation Report # 13103-R

Durex Quantum Select ICF  is fully compliant with:

-CAN/ULC S716.1  Materials & System

-CAN/ULC S716.2 Installation of Components & WRB

-CAN/ULC S716.3 Design Application

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Water Resistive Barrier (WRB)
Transition Membranes
Insulation Adhesives
Rigid Insulation (Exterior)
Base Coat
Reinforcing Mesh
Finishes - Classic Series
Finishes - Premium Series
Finishes - Artisan Series
Finishes - Flexible Series
Finishes - Kolor Gard