Dur-A-Fast Coating
PMMA Based Coating System For Protecting Interior And Exterior Concrete Surfaces

Dur-A-Fast Coating System is a PMMA (polyurethane modified methyl methacrylate) based coating system for protecting interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Dur-A-Fast Coating System is extremely rapid curing, can be installed in a few hours, UV stable, can be applied in cold temperatures and can be accessed 1 hour after the final coat has been installed. 

  • Polyurethane modified Methyl Methacrylate based coating technology
  • Extremely rapid curing, ready for subsequent coats in 45 minutes.
  • Can be accessed 1 hour after final coat
  • Cold curing capabilities down to -20°C
  • High chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, seawater, sewage and other compounds
  • Available tinted in virtually any colour

Dur-A-Fast Coating System is used for the protection of all concrete floors and walls in both exterior and interior applications. Extremely durable, can be used for traffic laden surfaces. Ideal for use in exterior concrete protection as well as areas that require rapid installation timelines, that need to be applied in cold/freezing temperatures and areas that need a rapid return to service.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Intermediate Coat
Top Coat