A beautiful choice
from start to finish.

We are a leading manufacturer and developer of Exterior Insulated Cladding Systems, Specialized Architectural Coatings, Concrete Restoration Products, Protective Coatings, and a wide range of other related construction products. Whether a high-rise building or a single-family dwelling, a new construction or a restoration project, we understand the critical importance of getting it right the first time.

Our Promise

Our innovative, highly-engineered and tested systems are a creative solution for architects and designers. We are a tried, true and trusted choice for builders, engineers and homeowners who demand durability, superior flexibility, and aesthetic beauty.

Our Company’s History

Durabond Products Limited, established in 1967 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a leader in the manufacturing and development of specialized Architectural Wall Coatings, Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS), Restoration Products and a wide range of related construction products.

Over the years, the outstanding quality of Durex Architectural Coatings has repeatedly been proven in installations totalling millions of square meters. Our products have been engineered to meet any requirements-from severe weather conditions to exact matching of colours and textures. This enviable record, is supported by extensive testing, through authoritative independent laboratories and Durabond’s own research and development team. These qualities accent Durabond’s commitment to consistent production of quality products that guarantee performance and durability.

Durabond’s commitment to providing the highest quality construction products is backed by unsurpassed customer service. Our sales team, experts in the field of construction products, is dedicated to assisting customers in the selection and application of most effective and economical products available to meet the requirements of even the most stringent applications. We have developed a reputation for quality construction products and professional service and have earned the respect of design professionals and contractors throughout the construction industry. Our facilities are expanding and our contribution to the construction industry will ensure that the quality of our products will be maintained at a very high level.

Whether the request is for stone-like appearance or for a traditional stucco look, Durabond has the ability to provide the finish that will best suit a specific project. With our wide range of standard colours and our ability to match any non-standard colour, Durex Architectural Coatings provide endless possibilities.

Our Durex Architectural Coatings consist of a blend of the highest grade aggregates, 100% pure acrylic polymers and the finest quality iron oxide pigments available. This unique blend of materials is laboratory controlled during manufacture to assure uniformity in every batch. Each colour is coded to allow easy placement of orders and for job records- providing the user with an easy method of job completion and assurance of duplication for future additions.

Durex Architectural Coatings are specially designed to deliver permanent waterproof protection with a high quality, aesthetic finish. Formulated as compatible components of a wall system, they seal water out, yet permit walls to “breathe”, preventing damage from the build-up of water vapour. Their durability, superior flexibility and aesthetic beauty allows the use of Durex Architectural Coatings, for both interior applications and as the final finishes for any of our Durex EIFS Wall Systems.