Dur-E-Poxy (MP)
100% Two Part Epoxy Bonder and Anti-Corrosion Agent

Dur-E-Poxy (MP) is a green two-component water-based, high performance primer.

  • Water-based
  • Extra low V.O.C and odour free
  • Excellent adhesion to wide variety of substrates
  • Fast dry and early water resistance and hardness development
  • Non-flammable
  • Outstanding water and chemical resistance
  • Excellent leveling and flow properties
  • No induction time
  • Good anti-corrosion properties



Dur-E-Poxy (MP) can be used over concrete and metal substrate. It is specially formulated to meet the conditions and properties required for priming of steel for the protection of steel from corrosion. Dur-E-Poxy (MP) is ideal as a metal primer for general industry corrosion protection of steel, aluminum and steel structure metal primer and general service epoxy concrete floor primer. 

Physical Properties
Specific Gravity
  • Component ‘A’ (Resin): 1.22
  • Component ‘B’ (Hardener): 0.96
  • Component ‘A’ and ‘B’ mixed: 1.07
Viscosity (cps)
  • Component ‘A’ (Resin): 2,500 ± 3,000
  • Component ‘B’ (Hardener): 450 ± 50
  • Component ‘A’ and ‘B’ mixed: 2,000
  • Component ‘A’ (Resin): Clear or Pigmented
  • Component ‘B’ (Hardener): Clear Amber
  • Component ‘A’ and ‘B’ mixed: Clear or Pigmented
Pot Life 200g @ 25°C

2 - 3 hours

Drying time @ 25°C
  • To touch: 2 hours
  • To Recoat: 3 hours
  • Light Traffic: 6 hours
  • Fully Cure: 7 days