DUREX CEMENT BOND is readily available in 1 litre and 4 litre containers, 18.9 litre pails and 45 gallon (205 litres) drums.

Latex Emulsion Interior Use Cement Bonding Agent

Product Description:
DUREX CEMENT BOND is a latex emulsion for use both as a bonding agent and as an additive.

DUREX CEMENT BOND is used as both a general additive to cement based mixes and as a slurry primer to improve bonding between old concrete and new concrete toppings.

DUREX CEMENT BOND is formulated to provide:

  • Permanent concrete repairs
  • Elimination of costly chipping or roughening of surface required
  • Excellent bonding strength to cleaned old surfaces
  • The application of concrete topping from 0 to over 25 mm (1″) thick
  • Improved tensile, flexural and compressive strength of the mixture
  • Complete compatibility with high alkaline Portland cement mortars
  • Compatibility with mortar colouring pigments
  • Versatility and ease of use

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