DUREX FLOOR SEAL 15/25 is readily available in 4 litre jugs, 18.9 litre pails and 45 gallon (205 litre) drums.

Porous surfaces:
   first coat 5.75 m2/L (235 ft2/gal)
   second coat 7.50 m2/L (305 ft2/gal)

Dense surfaces:
   first coat 7.5 to10 m2/L (305 to 410    ft2/gal);
    second coat 10.0 to12 m2/L (410 to    490 ft2/gal)


Water Based Acrylic Clear Surface Treatment

Product Description:
DUREX FLOOR SEAL is a high quality water based, 100% acrylic, concrete floor sealer. DUREX FLOOR SEAL is available in two concentrations: FLOOR SEAL 15 for porous surfaces and for surfaces where a matte finish is desired; FLOOR SEAL 25 for a more dense surface and for surfaces where a glossier finish is desired.

DUREX FLOOR SEAL has been formulated for general sealing of interior and exterior concrete floors.

DUREX FLOOR SEAL is also an excellent sealer for portland cement terrazzo, unglazed quarry tile, brick pavers and interlocking stone pavers.


  • Water based non-toxic – easy to handle
  • Excellent dust proofing properties
  • Excellent resistance to mild acids
  • Excellent resistance to penetration of gasoline, oil, chloride and water
  • Very economical compared to solvent based sealers
  • Re-coatable (does not promote delamination)
  • Excellent compatibility with all cement surfaces

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