Durex® Epotel 100 Novolac is packaged as a kit based on mixing ratios (Part A & B) in 56.7 L (15 gal), 18.9 L (5 gal) and 3.78 L (1 gal) units. This product is available in multiple standard colours. Custom colour matching can also be attained at an additional cost. Please refer to the Durex® Colour Selection Guide for all available colour options.

Average coverage rate: 4 m2/L (160 ft2/gal) @ 10 mils DFT per coat. Note: 2 coats required.

Epotel 100 Novolac

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating

Product Description:
Durex® Epotel 100 Novolac is a two-component, 100% solids, solvent-free, high performance liquid applied epoxy coating. It is specially formulated to perform as a resilient industrial floor coating with outstanding chemical resistance.

Durex® Epotel 100 Novolac is a roller or brush applied protective floor coating designed for protecting concrete requiring a high level of chemical resistance.


  • Outstanding solvent, stain and chemical resistance properties
  • Self-leveling and seamless
  • Excellent hardness
  • Non-flammable
  • Fast curing properties and excellent adhesion
  • Odourless, solvent-free; blush resistance and high gloss properties
  • Resistant to heat
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