Average application rate of 25-28 m2 (250-300 ft2) per 18.9L (5 gal) pail to achieve a wet film thickness of 1.0mm (40 mil), or a dry film thickness of 0.5 mm (20 mil).

Roller, trowel or spray

Flexible Latex Copolymer Air Barrier &
Waterproofing Membrane

Product Description:
DUREX BLUE SHIELD is is a single component, liquid applied, water-based copolymer rubber air barrier and waterproofing membrane. Applied by roller, trowel or spray equipment, it cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane, which is resistant to air leakage and water ingress under hydrostatic pressure. In its liquid state, DUREX BLUE SHIELD is light blue in colour and cures to a translucent dark blue colour.

DUREX BLUE SHIELD is used as an air barrier within the building envelope and as a seamless waterproofing membrane. It may be applied to most common surfaces and integrated into various wall systems in both new construction and restoration. DUREX BLUE SHIELD is a Class III Air Barrier and a water penetration barrier at a maximum wet or dry film thickness of 0.39 mm. Typical uses are:

  • Water penetration/air barrier for EIFS application
  • New & existing foundation walls
  • Plywood, cement board & exterior grade gypsum board sheathingx
  • Exterior walls of mechanical and electrical rooms
  • Split slab waterproofing
  • ICF – Insulated Concrete Forms


  • Highly flexible, bridges cracks up to 1/16″ which may form in the substrate
  • Liquid application assures a monolithic, seamless membrane
  • Prevents air leakage a water ingress through porous building materials
  • Remains firmly bonded to the substrate even when applied over damp surfaces
  • Water-based technology allows for simple, safe application and easy clean up
  • Can be sprayed
  • Excellent for waterproofing foundation walls constructed with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)
  • Results in a paintable finish

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