Packaged in 22.5 litre pails (5 gal.) or 205 litre drums (45 gal.).

For porous surfaces:
1.5 to 2.5 m2/litre (61-102 ft2/gal.)

For dense bricks:
3.5 m2/litre (143 ft2/gal.)

For smooth dense concrete:
3 m2/litre (122 ft2/gal.)

Brushes, rollers, or spray

Clear Polysiloxane Penetrating Sealer

Product Description:
DUREX DUR-A-SEAL LOX is composed primarily of a siloxane solution. It is a one-component solvent-release material which hydrolyzes in contact with atmospheric moisture and forms a polysiloxane which is tack-free, hydrophobic and not visible.

DUREX DUR-A-SEAL LOX has been specifically designed for application to vertical concrete and masonry surfaces. It is best applied on a dry surface. Cold substrates that are ice-free can be treated. DUREX DUR-A-SEAL LOX penetrates into masonry and brick to provide a hydrophobic (water repelling layer) in the surface. This layer is predominantly below the surface where it is screened from the deleterious effects of ultra-violet light and moisture. The brick tends to shed dirt and remains easier to clean.

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