Packaged in 22.5 litre pails (5 gal.) or 205 litre drums (45 gal.).

Concrete : 4.3 m2/litre (175 ft2/gal.)

Walls and building envelopes : 1 flood coat for a total coverage of 5 m2/litre (204 ft2/gal.)

Brushes, rollers, or spray

Clear Silane Breathable Traffic Bearing Sealer

Product Description:
DUREX DUR-A-SEAL U is a penetrating monomeric silane solution that is capable of forming a water repelling (hydrophobic) layer on and in the surface of masonry and concrete. DUREX DUR-A-SEAL U is a one component solvent release material and it can be applied to any silicious material, even in a damp environment.

DUREX DUR-A-SEAL U has the ability to penetrate deep into the masonry or concrete substrate. The deep penetration protects it from weathering, ultra violet radiation and abrasion. DUREX DUR-A-SEAL U will significantly reduce chloride ion intrusion and will enable the concrete and masonry to breathe. Corrosion activity of the structure can therefore be reduced. It is especially effective on parkades, ramps and traffic decks.

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