Packaged in 22.5 liter pails (5 gal.).

DUREX DUR-A-SEAL XL-250 should be applied in two coats. Typical spreading rates are as follows:

Smooth dense concrete: two (2) coats each of 5.8 m2/l (290 ft2/gal)

Porous block or brick: two (2) coats each of 3.2m2/l (160ft2/gal)

Brush, roller


Product Description:
DUREX DUR-A-SEAL XL-250 is a one component clear xylene based, acrylic copolymer sealer.

DUREX DUR-A-SEAL XL-250 is used primarily to seal Durex Art-I-Stone when the application is carried out on exterior surfaces, both vertical and horizontal. It effectively seals against the ingress of water and it protects the colour and texture of the Durex Art-I-Stone. It’s superior wear resistance and it’s ability to withstand chlorides, make it ideally suited for protection of exterior pedestrian traffic areas such as walkways, concrete decks, verandas, stairs, pool decks, etc. DUREX DUR-A-SEAL XL-250 is extremely resistant to weathering effects and it also provides a uniform and easy to clean surface for walls and floors. DUREX DUR-A-SEAL XL-250 is a breathable coating, that is, liquid water will not pass through the coating but water vapor can vent to the atmosphere from within the coated surface. DUREX DUR-A-SEAL XL-250 is also resistant to a wide range of weak acidic and alkaline solutions. Good inter-coat adhesion allows for repair and re-coating after cleaning.

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