A unit consists of a 10 liter jug of latex acrylic polymer and 1 bag (25 kg) of powder.

Each unit will cover approximately:
12 m2 (130 ft2 ) at 2 mm (3/32”) thickness.

20 m2 (215 ft2 ) at 1 mm (3/64”) thickness.

Brushing, rolling, or trowel

Flexible Polymer Based Cementitious
Waterproofing & Air/Vapour Barrie

Product Description:
DUREX ECTOFLEX is a two-component, flexible, polymer based cementitious coating designed to prevent moisture ingress, under hydrostatic pressure as well as air leakage and vapour diffusion. DUREX ECTOFLEX is light grey in colour when fully cured.

DUREX EXTOFLEX is used as a waterproofiing membrane designed to provide moisture protection in a variety of both vertical and horizontal applications, including foundations walls, tunnels and other earth sheltered structures, plaza decks, mud slabs and other split slab construction, wet rooms and balconies.

DUREX ECTOFLEX can also be used as an air/vapour barrier within the building envelope. It may be applied to most common substrates such as concrete block, wood, metal, cement board, glass-mat coated gypsum board, and brick.


  • Used for both exterior or interior applications
  • Retains flexibility to -20 C
  • Very low permeability
  • Long term weathering
  • Excellent adhesion to almost any substrate
  • Permanently bridges minor cracks
  • Water-based technology allows for simple, safe application and easy clean-up
  • Liquid application assures a monolithic, seamless membrane
  • Type III Air Barrier (NRC Classification)
  • Type I Vapour Barrier-<15ng/pa.s.m2
    (0.25perms) as designated by Canadian
    Building Codes

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