FLEX-SEAL BLACK PRIMER is supplied in 19 L (4.2 gal.) re-sealable pails.

Coverage rate will vary due to texture and porosity of the substrate, and to a slight degree due to temperature. Apply FLEX-SEAL BLACK PRIMER at a rate of between 6-8 m2/L (290-405 ft2/gal.) or 114-152 m2 (1218-1700 ft2)/pail.

Brushing or roller

Synthetic Rubber Based Primer

Product Description:
FLEX-SEAL BLACK PRIMER is a fast drying, rubber based, resin cutback primer specially formulated to provide excellent permanent adhesion of Flex-Seal Air/Vapour Barrier Membranes. FLEX-SEAL BLACK PRIMER is black in colour and remains “tacky” after drying.

FLEX-SEAL BLACK PRIMER is designed to pre-treat all substrates prior to installation of Flex-Seal Air/Vapour Barrier Membranes and is suitable for use over most common construction materials, including; masonry, concrete, wood, metal and gypsum sheathing. Note that FLEX-SEAL BLACK PRIMER is intended for exterior use only. For information on applications of Flex-Seal Air/Vapour Barrier Membranes please consult your Durabond representative.

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