FLEX-SEAL LIQUID MEMBRANE is supplied in a two part package with the contents of the activator (part B) contained within the larger base component (part A). FLEX-SEAL LIQUID MEMBRANE is available in two package sizes, 15L (3.3 gal.) and the more commonly used 5.7L (1.3 gal.).

Surface conditions and application technique will influence coverage, however typically, a 5.7L (1.3 gal.) unit will cover 10m2. As a fillet and reinforcement a 5.7L (1.3 gal.) unit will cover 7.6m. For estimating purposes expect typical usage of one 5.7L unit/10 m2 area.


Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

Product Description:
FLEX-SEAL LIQUID MEMBRANE is a two component, cold applied, trowellable/gunable grade compound. A high performance grade material FLEX-SEAL LIQUID MEMBRANE is designed for a variety of applications with Durex Membranes. Black in colour FLEX-SEAL LIQUID MEMBRANE is not an appropriate material where aesthetics is a consideration.

FLEX-SEAL LIQUID MEMBRANE is ideally suited for use in conjunction with Durex Membranes for a variety of applications:

  • Terminations and flashing to curbs and parapets on plaza and roof decks, mechanical rooms or similar horizontal installations.
  • Terminations and flashing at drain locations as well as sealing of protrusions through horizontal or vertical surfaces.
  • At changes in plane as encountered at inside corners of footings.
  • As a leveling course in restoring regularity to surfaces prior to Durex Membrane installation.
  • As a waterproofing membrane in areas inaccessible with sheet applied membranes or excessive detailing requirements.

For additional uses contact your Durabond representative.

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