FLEX-SEAL MASTIC is supplied in 18.9 L (4.2 gal.) re-sealable pails and 857 ml (30 fl. oz.) caulking tubes, packaged twelve tubes per case.

The amount of FLEX-SEAL MASTIC required will vary widely from job to job. Horizontal areas with few projections expect 500 ml per roll of membrane (half a caulking tube); vertical applications, or those involving a greater amount of work such as with planters, columns and other projections, expect the amount of mastic to be as much as 1000 ml per roll (1 to 2 caulking tubes). (Note: application of FLEX-SEAL MASTIC by caulking tube is highly recommended as the most efficient means with respect to time and material).

Trowel or caulking gun

Rubberized Asphalt Mastic

Product Description:
FLEX-SEAL MASTIC is a pre-mixed, single component, rubberized asphalt-based mastic, specially blended for use with Durex Flex-Seal Membranes.

FLEX-SEAL MASTIC is formulated to provide extra protection to installed waterproofing and air/vapor membrane edges, especially field edges where there is an absence of the factory edge bead of rubberized asphalt. Specific areas requiring treatment with FLEX-SEAL MASTIC would include membrane terminations in both horizontal and vertical installations, the perimeter of all repair patches as well as detail areas and membrane end laps. (Note: on vertical installations, the bottom termination shall be treated as well as the top termination.

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