FLEX-SEAL WALL FLASHING is available in 23 m (75 ft) long rolls in widths of, 305 mm (12”), 457 mm (18”) and 914 mm (36”), packaged three, two and one roll(s) per carton.

Net coverage shall approximate gross coverage with a loss occurring as a result of end laps. Based on a minimum overlap of 51 mm (2”), resultant coverage will depend upon the number of end laps incurred. For estimating purposes assume a 5% loss of coverage for end lap construction, therefore 20 m2 (215 ft2)/carton, regardless of membrane width.

Self-Adhesive Wall Flashing

Product Description:
FLEX-SEAL WALL FLASHING is a self-adhering, cold applied composite sheet membrane comprised of 0.8 mm (32 mils) rubberized asphalt integrally bonded to a 0.2 mm (8 mils) film of high density, cross-laminated polyethylene for a minimum thickness of 1.0 mm (40 mils). For ease of application FLEX-SEAL WALL FLASHING is interwound with a disposable silicone treated release paper. FLEX-SEAL WALL FLASHING is dark grey to black in colour.

An integral component of cavity wall and EIFS wall design, FLEX-SEAL WALL FLASHING is designed to collect and direct any water within the cavity to the exterior of the building enclosure. Fully bonded to the exterior face of the inner wythe FLEX-SEAL WALL FLASHING prevents accumulated cavity water from seeping back into the structure. Installation of FLEX-SEAL WALL FLASHING should be considered at the base of all cavity walls, wall sections and at the head location of all wall openings.

FLEX-SEAL WALL FLASHING is suitable for use in a variety of building assemblies and combination with most common construction materials, including; concrete, masonry, metal, wood and gypsum sheathing.

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