Trowel or spray

Flexible Latex Copolymer Air/Vapour Barrier Membrane

Product Description:
DUREX GREEN GUARD PLUS is is a single component, liquid applied, water-based copolymer rubber air/vapour barrier. Trowel or spray applied, it cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane, which is resistant to air leakage and vapour transmission. In its liquid state, DUREX GREEN GUARD PLUS is light green in colour and cures to a translucent forest green colour.

DUREX GREEN GUARD PLUS acts as an air/vapour barrier within the building envelope. It may be applied to most common surfaces and integrated into various wall systems in both new construction and restoration. DUREX GREEN GUARD PLUS can also be used as an adhesive for expanded polystyrene insulation. DUREX GREEN GUARD PLUS is a Class III Air Barrier and a Type I vapour barrier.


  • Highly flexible, bridges cracks up to 1/16″ which may form in the substrate
  • Liquid application assures a monolithic, seamless membrane
  • Type III Air Barrier (NRC classification)
  • Type I Vapour Barrier – less than 15
    ng/Pa.s.m2 (<0.25 perms) as designated by
    Canadian Building Codes
  • Remains firmly bonded to the substrate even when applied over damp surfaces
  • Water-based technology allows for simple, safe application and easy clean up

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