DUREX CROMATEX is packaged in 30 kg pails.

DUREX CROMATEX is readily available in an assortment of
standard colour schemes. Please refer to our Durex Architectural Coatings
Colour Selection Guide for more information. Custom colour matching is
available upon request at a slight additional charge.

Average coverage:
13.9-18.6 m²/pail (150-200 ft²/pail)

Thoroughly mix DUREX CROMATEX in its’ own pail
before each use. Discard all frozen materials, materials which have formed
solid lumps at the bottom of the container and materials which do not
appear to be of homogeneous viscosity. Substrate must be dry, solid and
sound, free of weak and powdery surfaces, free from snow, dew and frost,
oil, grease releasing agents and other deleterious materials detrimental
to a positive bond.


Application of the DUREX CROMATEX shall be executed by a team of at least
2 tradesmen. While one tradesman spreads the coating on the wall the
second tradesman following shall float the freshly applied coating the
desired texture.

The process of applying and floating the DUREX CROMATEX coating shall be
continuous from the starting point to a natural break point, such as
expansion/control joints and corners.
Using a stainless steel trowel spread the DUREX CROMATEX onto the wall
with upward strokes of the trowel. Hold the trowel at a 20-25 degree angle
to the wall for better spreadability.

Apply sufficient pressure to provide an even and consistent layer of
coating equivalent to the thickness of the largest sphere-like quartz
in the mix.

Using a plastic trowel begin the flowing process in the an up and down
motion of approximately 400-450mm (16-18 inches) in stroke length
immediately after the coating has been freshly applied. Keep a wet edge.
Do not allow the freshly applied coating
to form a surface with film before beginning the coating process.

The final texture shall be created in the flowing process by the aggregate
rolling between the trowel and the substrate leaving light, semi-circular
scratch-like indentations evenly throughout in the final finish.

Allow a minimum 24 hours for curing. Protect freshly applied coating from
inclement weather until coating has fully set and cured. Prevent rapid

Acrylic High Build Multi-Coloured Decorative Coating

Product Description:
DUREX CROMATEX is a high build, multi-coloured, protective
coating consisting of coloured quartz aggregates embedded in a clear 100%
acrylic resin. It is one of the coatings in the family of Durex
Architectural Coatings.

DUREX CROMATEX is used as an effective long wearing protective
coating over all types of solid substrates. DUREX CROMATEX is mixed to
match selected colours. It can be applied as the final finish coating over
all Durex EIF Systems or Durex Lite Coat and/or Durex Stucco Lite Wall


  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent water repellence; protects surfaces
    from moisture penetration
  • Breathable coating; allows water vapour within
    the wall assembly to evaporate
  • Excellent adhesion to most common substrates
  • Colourfast; not affected by ultra-violet rays
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