DUREX MONOCAPA is available in
22.7 kg bags.

Each bag provides 1m2 (10.8 ft2) coverage at 10-12 mm thickness.

Polymer Modified Cementitious Plaster

Product Description:
DUREX MONOCAPA is a polymer modified, Portland cement-based plaster, which has been formulated with numerous ideal features to provide a versatile, hard, strong, durable, fire and weather resistant surfacing material. DUREX MONOCAPA can be used in a variety of exterior/interior applications both on vertical and horizontal planes and in the hands of a skilled tradesman can be worked into patterns and textures flat of curvilinear surfaces.

DUREX MONOCAPA can be used as a base coat in the DUREX Lite Coat and DUREX Stucco Lite Systems, over new or existing substrates such as masonry, concrete, concrete block, brick, or other cementitious renderings.

DUREX MONOCAPA is a user friendly premixed plaster mix which requires only the addition of potable water, It provides the following features:

  • Excecllent workability
  • Maximum crack control
  • Maximum quality control
  • Minimum mixing time
  • Low cost
  • Consistency and ease of duplication of mixes
  • Rated non-combustible
  • Rot and fungus resistant

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