DUREX POOL MARBLE is abailable in 22.7 kg (50 lb) bags.

Coverage will vary according to the thickness, required to straighten
imperfections in the concrete. Average yield: 5.0 m2 per bag @ 4mm 1 coat.

Substrate must be dry, solid and sound, free of weak and powdery
surfaces, free from ice, snow, dew and frost, oil, grease releasing agents
and other deleterious materials detrimental to a positive bond.

Polymer Based Cementitious Plaster Mix

Product Description:
DUREX POOL MARBLE is an acrylic modified cementitious stem, heavy
duty maintenance coating which provides excellent durability and safety
protection to many types of surfaces in any type of environment, with
particularly exceptional protection for interior finish concrete in
submerged surfaces under water.

Some of the areas where DUREX POOL MARBLE can be used are:
fishing concrete swimming pool interiors, for protection against chlorine;
water fountains and any surface in permanently contact with water.


  • Specially designed for submerged surfaces.
  • Safe anti-slip finish
  • Recoatable and repairable
  • Finish gains in strength as it is submerged.
  • Low dirt pick up. Easy to clean.
  • Can be acid washed for periodic through pool
  • Excellent resistance to chlorine
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