Durex Trim Bond is readily available in 18.9 litre (4.5 gal.) pails,170
litre (45 gal) drums and 1000 litre (265 gal) totes.

Durex Trim Coat is available in 22.7 kg (50 lb) bags and it is offered in
three (3) grades: Super Fine, Fine and Medium.

While the DUREX TRIM BASE COAT mix is wet, it is applied over expanded
polystyrene architectural mouldings, employing various manual, semi-manual
and/or automated extrusion methods.

Flexible Polymer Based Cementitious Base Coat

Product Description:
DUREX TRIM BASE COAT is a two component polymer based
cementitious base coat consisting of a water based acrylic liquid
component Durex Trim Bond, mixed with the dry component Durex Trim Coat.
The DUREX TRIM BASE COAT mix utilizes advanced polymer technology
combining the strength and toughness of polymer modified cement with the
flexibility of synthetics.

DUREX TRIM BASE COAT is used primarily as the base coat for
expanded polystyrene architectural mouldings and architectural moulding
accessories. It is typically applied, using different methods of
extrusion, in factory controlled environments of architectural moulding
manufacturing facilities.


  • Superior adhesion to various inorganic substrates
  • Combines the strength of cement and the
    flexibility of synthetics
  • Designed to allow minor movements up to 1.6mm
    (1/16″) in the substrate without causing cracking in the base coat
  • Excellent job site quality control
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