DUREX UNIPLAST is available in three grades, Fine, Medium and Coarse and in three colours White, Light-grey and Grey, packaged in 22.7 kg (50 lb) bags.

Each bag will provide approximately 4.65 m2 (50 ft2) coverage at 3.2 mm (1/8″) thickness.

Cement Based Plaster Mix

Product Description:
DUREX UNIPLAST is a cement based plaster mix available in fine , medium and coarse grades. DUREX UNIPLAST incorporates a well balanced blend of selected aggregates and fillers, perfectly formulated to provide ideal physical properties and excellent workability features.

DUREX UNIPLAST is a versatile product which can be used in several of the Durex Wall Systems as both scratch and base coats; as an insulation cover coat; and as an insulation bond coat. It can also be used for concrete wall repair work and as a quality parging coat over masonry and concrete.

DUREX UNIPLAST FINE has been formulated with numerous ideal features to facilitate and simplify its application.

  • RATED NON-COMBUSTIBLE, thus meeting the National Building Code as a material to protect foamed plastic insulation for exterior applications
  • Bagged, ready to use by simply mixing with Durex Acrylic Resin Bond or Durex Acrybond Additive
  • Excellent workability
  • Low shrinkage, thus resulting in minimum cracking
  • Excellent compressive and flexural strength
  • Versatility — one product suitable for many applications
  • Excellent adhesion to most common surfaces
  • Excellent freeze-thaw stability

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