Store DUREX VCA 3.0 INSULATION ADHESIVE Liquid & Powder in a dry, vented, waterproof location, stacked off the ground with ambient temperatures above 50°C (410°F). Keep materials dry, protected from rapid temperature changes, dampness and moisture and away from direct sunlight. KEEP FROM FREEZING.

Each unit of DUREX VCA 3.0 INSULATION ADHESIVE provides approximately 11-13 m2 (120-140 ft2) coverage.


Polymer Based Cementitious Insulation Adhesive

Product Description:
DUREX VCA 3.0 INSULATION ADHESIVE is a two-component polymer based cementitious insulation adhesive used with most Durex Moisture Managed EIF Systems. A water based acrylic liquid component is mixed with a specially formulated dry cementitious powder containing coarse sand aggregates to create a cavity between the insulation board and the substrate.

DUREX VCA 3.0 INSULATION ADHESIVE is specially suited for adhering expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) and extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS) to a variety of surfaces such as concrete, brick, concrete block, cement board, glass fibre faced gypsum sheathings, gypsum board, plywood and a few others.


  • Superior adhesion to various inorganic substrates
  • Combines flexibility of synthetics and the strength of cement
  • Coarse aggregate creates cavity between the insulation board and the substrate to allow for drainage of incidental moisture
  • Superior adhesion to cured Durex Green Guard, Blueshield, Flexcrete and Mastic 100.
  • Allows for excellent quality control on job site

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