DUREX STUCCO BINDER is readily available in 4 litre containers, 18.9 litre pails and 45 gallon (205 litres) drums.

100% Acrylic Cement Plaster/Stucco Modifier

Product Description:
DUREX STUCCO BINDER is a water based, 100% acrylic polymer cement additive. DUREX STUCCO BINDER has been specially formulated to provide maximum adhesion and ideal application properties when mixed with Durex Uniplast.

DUREX STUCCO BINDER when mixed with Durex Uniplast is used as:

  • Scratch and base coat for the Durex èLite Coatî system
  • Concrete wall patching for shallow repairs, maximum 6.4 mm (1/4″) deep
  • Cementitious parge coat for masonry and concrete walls

DUREX STUCCO BINDER is formulated to provide:

  • Consistent job site quality control of mixes
  • Better controlled workability features of mixes
  • Low moisture absorption rate of the mixtures
  • Reduced shrinkage and cracking of the cementitious mixtures
  • Higher compressive and flexural strength than sand/cement plaster mixes
  • Better and more complete hydration of cement

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