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Commercial / Institutional / High Rise
Pressure equalized, dual barrier, non-combustible, drained EIFS.

Product Description:
DUREX EQUALITE is a pressure equalized exterior insulation and finish system. The system, which has been independently tested, consists of a membrane air/vapour barrier, mineral wool insulation, insulation adhesive and mechanical fasteners, glass fibre reinforcing mesh, continuous vent strips, base coats, and a finish texture coat selected from any one of the available Durex Architectural Coatings.

DUREX EQUALITE is suitable for use over a wide range of structurally sound substrates and is recommended for use in buildings which require pressure equalized cladding.


  • Totally non-combustible cladding
  • Pressure equalized (rain screen principle)
  • Continuous venting at floor lines and horizontal terminations
  • Vertical orientation of the fibres in the rigid insulation allows for positive drainage
  • Continuous air/vapour barrier
  • Simple interfacing with other pressure equalized cladding systems
  • Continuous thermal barrier
  • Light-weight
  • Aesthetic design flexibility

Complies with:

    • Commercial:
      DB – Dual Barrier EIFS
      D – Drained EIFS
      Non Combustible System
  • OAA Rain Penetration Control Guide
  • CAN/ULC S101 – M89
  • CAN/ULC S114 – M85

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