Epoxy Protective Wall Coating
Institutional Walls, Public Washrooms and Building Maintenance

Epoxy Protective Wall Coating is a high-gloss, abrasion resistant, durable water-based epoxy wall coating system for high traffic institutional, commercial and industrial applications. Epoxy Protective Wall Coating is a very low odour, two‐component, versatile, professional grade UV Resistant water‐based epoxy coating for floor and wall applications over concrete, gypsum and steel surfaces,

  • High quality protective coating
  • Extremely durable coating
  • Easy to clean
  • High durability
  • Resistant to yellowing

Epoxy Protective Wall Coating is intended for use for high traffic surfaces that require heavy cleaning and excellent dirt piclk up resistance. It is ideal for institutional walls, public washrooms, locker rooms, building maintenance coating, doors and railings.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Intermediate Coat
Top Coat