Premium microcement finish system

Microcement is a continuous, smooth, and polished covering that offers an excellent level of adhesion on different surfaces to achieve an aesthetic change in your bathroom, kitchen, or inside or outside of your house, as well as in offices, businesses, or large stores. It is one of the most complete and sought-after coverings for achieving areas with a suggestive, personal, and distinctive touch in their design.

Available system variations:

  1. Microcement Standard
  2. Microcement Vario
  3. Microcement Water Resistant
  4. Microcement High Traffic
  • Easy: Already weighed, measured, and pasted.
  • Clean: Does not generate suspended dust.
  • Intuitive: No prior experience or on-site training is required.
  • Safe: Product protected under strict quality control.
  • Complete: A full variety of products and colours.

Suitable for application on almost all types of surfaces and spaces, refurbishments or renovations, as well as new buildings. The most common areas are usually bathrooms, showers, kitchens, stairs, homes, units, and also commercial areas such as shops, restaurants, and public spaces in general.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes