Epotel Terrazzo
Epoxy Based Terrazo Flooring System

Epotel Terrazzo is a two-component, pigmented epoxy resin binder for epoxy-based Terrazzo Flooring systems. Epotel Terrazzo is a low odour, low VOC, chemical resistant, durable and easy to maintain epoxy resin matrix with self-priming capabilities. It is designed as a light-weight replacement to cement based terrazzo systems. Epotel Terrazzo is formulated to be mixed with a wide variety of mineral and non-mineral aggregates and fillers as part of a decorative Terrazzo Flooring System.

  • Durable decorative flooring
  • Low maintenance - easy to clean
  • Chemical & Stain resistant
  • Weighs less than traditional Terrazo
  • Wide & customizable colour range (solid and mixed colours)

Epotel Terrazo is intened for use for highly durable decorative floor with low life cycle cost. It is ideal for office complexes, airport & government offices, educational and healthcare institutions.

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