Dur-A-Hard VG - Vertical Grade Cementitious Urethane Cove & Trench Coating System
Cove & Trench Vertical Detailing Mortar

Dur-A-Hard VG Cementitious Polyurethane Detailing Mortar is a vertical-grade, trowel-applied, fast-curing, phthalate and solvent-free cementitious polyurethane mortar designed for use with Dur-A-Hard SL Self-Leveling Cementitious Polyurethane Flooring System and Dur-A-Hard TG High-Performance Cementitious Polyurethane Flooring System for commercial and industrial applications. It is formulated as a highly thermal shock-resistant coating system for demanding production areas, trenches and coves especially those found in the food and beverage industry.  

  • CFIA approved; USDA accepted
  • Zero VOC’s, odourless, and non-tainting
  • Easy to apply; non-sagging properties for vertical applications
  • Chemical resistant
  • Fast setting, easy to apply, easy to clean and sterilize
  • May be applied at low temperatures (5 degrees C)
  • Will bond to mild steel and water-resistant plywood
  • High-build, tough coating
  • Outstanding thermal shock resistance (up to 120oC)



Dur-A-Hard VG Cementitious Polyurethane Detailing Mortar is used to coat all vertical surfaces, build fillets, coves, curbs and other detail work associated with Dur-A-Hard flooring systems. This product is odourless, non-tainting and is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in the food and beverage industry. Dur-A-Hard VG Cementitious Polyurethane Detailing Mortar is used as detailing mortar for Dur-A-Hard SL & Dur-A-Hard TG Flooring Systems. It is also used for coves, upturns and trenches, pharmaceutical laboratories and clean rooms, chemical processing plants, food processing plants, including meat/poultry processing and dairy manufacturing, hospitals and medical centers and commercial kitchens and restaurants.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Top Coat