Durathane B220
Elastomeric urethane balcony coating

Durex® Durathane B220 Elastomeric Urethane Balcony Coating System is a two-component, self-priming, high solids elastomeric aliphatic urethane coating designed as a tough, one-coat protective coating for pedestrian traffic areas such as balconies and walkways. Durex ® Durathane B220 is a quick application system and features revolutionary self- priming, and high adhesion technology for a one-coat application.

  • Elastomeric coating engineered specifically for balconies
  • Easy, quick one-step application
  • Elastomeric and crack-bridging properties
  • Low odour
  • Aliphatic urethane, outstanding UV resistance
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Pre-blended rubber aggregates are available
  • Durable slip-resistant surface
  • Self-Priming, tenacious adhesion to concrete substrates, primer usually not required

Durex ® Durathane B220 is a liquid-applied, UV-stable, elastomeric single-application pedestrian coating system. Durex ® Durathane B220 is formulated as a self-priming coating with excellent substrate adhesion. It is an elastomeric coating with minor crack bridging and can be broadcasted with silica sand for non-slip functionality.

Physical Properties

Please see Durex® Colour Selection Guide for available colour options.

Resin Type

Aliphatic polyurethane


130 ft2/gal @ 12 mils DFT

Mix Ratio

2 Component Kit – Mix as supplied

Cure Time

@ 23°C (75°F)
To touch: 75-120 minutes
Fully cured: 16 hours
Drying times will vary due to temperature and humidity.

Pot Life

60-75 minutes


10 g/L

Performance Properties
Percent Solids


Bond Strength

ASTM D4541

350 psi
Failure at concrete

Tear Strength

ASTM D624 Die C

350 psi (2.5 MPa)

Tensile Modulus

ASTM D638-86

1450 psi (10.1 MPa) @ 23oC


ASTM D638-86

380 %

Low Temperature Flexibility

1/8” Mandrel @ -26oC


Abrasion Resistance

ASTMD 5178-91
CS-17 Wheel

75 mg
1000 g load, 1000 cycles

Static Coefficient of Friction

ASTM C1208

Dry: 0.80 (with anti-slip aggregates)
Wet: 0.60 (with anti-slip aggregates)

Water Vapour Transmission


1.62 perms (91.5g/s/m2)

Shore A Hardness


System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes