Epotel Moisture Block - Universal Flooring System
Moisture Vapour Mitigation and Hydrostatic Pressure Control Coating System for Concrete Floors

Epotel Moisture Block 100 is a two-component, 100% Solids Epoxy, Class 1 Vapour Diffusion Retarder formulated to block hydrostatic pressure by suppressing moisture vapour from transmitting through concrete substrates. Epotel Moisture Block 100 prevents the penetration of moisture from within or beneath the concrete slab to penetrate through the surface. It is designed to protect subsequent impermeable floor coverings/coatings from delaminating.  It can be applied on freshly poured concrete slabs after 7 days.  

  • Class 1 vapour diffusion retarder
  • Very low permeance; Less than 0.1 perms
  • Suppresses moisture from penetrating through the slab
  • Can be used over green concrete 7 days after initial pour
  • Speeds up construction time
  • Virtually odourless and solvent free
  • Excellent adhesion to damp concrete (520 psi)
  • Unaffected by high pH levels (up to 14)
  • May be installed on floors with very high relative humidity.

Epotel Moisture Block is ideal for construction projects with tight schedules, parking garages coated with traffic bearing waterproofing coatings, impereable flooring systems such as stones, ceramics, vinyl composition tiles and hard wood. It is also used for laminate flooring and carpets, seamless flooring and terrazo floors and existing slabs with high levels of hydrostatic pressure.

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Moisture Blocking Primer
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