Dur-A-Fast Decorative Broadcast Flooring System
PMMA Based High-Build, Broadcasted Decorative Flooring System

Dur-A-Fast Decorative Broadcast Waterproofing System is a PMMA based, decorative balcony waterproofing system with a broadcasted decorative layer incorporated into the system. The decorative coating comes available in Gemstone and Granite. The system can be applied in cold temperatures and allows rapid re-coat and return to service times (in 1 hour). 

  • Durable general service commercial flooring
  • Low maintenance - easy to clean
  • Natural coloured floor system
  • Wide colour range
  • Rapid installation and curing
  • Available with waterproofing membrane

Dur-A-Fast Broadcast Decorative Flooring System is used for decorative floors subject to extreme mechanical abuse. It is ideal for commercial / industrial areas subject to UV exposure, residential applications and outdoor patios

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Decorative Coat
+ Dur-A-Quartz Broadcast Aggregate
Top Coat #1
Top Coat #2