Dur-A-Fast Decorative Trowel Flooring System
PMMA Based High-Build, Trowel Applied Decorative Floor System

Dur-A-Fast Decorative Trowel System is a PMMA based, trowel applied decorative flooring system that combines outstanding durability with an aesthetically pleasing finish.  The decorative coating comes available in Gemstone, Granite and Stonetex blends for a variety of colours and finishes. Dur-A-Fast Decorative Trowel System is ideal for exterior applications. 

  • Multi-tone decorative flooring
  • Very versatile artistic design potential
  • Membrane available for waterproofing
  • Rapid installation and curing
  • Seamless Stone Appearance

Dur-A-Fast Trowel Decorative Flooring System is used for decorative applications. It is ideal for residential patios and high-traffic areas.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Base Coat
Decorative Coat
Top Coat