Dur-A-Fast Balcony PMMA Waterproofing System
Rapid Curing, Cold Temperature Application PMMA Pedestrian System

Dur-A-Fast Balcony PMMA Waterproofing system is a rapid curing, PMMA based pedestrian traffic bearing waterproofing system. The system can be applied in cold temperatures and allows rapid re-coat and return to service times (in 1 hour).

  • One-day application - 1 hour return to service
  • Extremely rapid curing (Drying)
  • Extremley durable
  • UV resistant

Dur-A-Fast Balcony PMMA Waterproofing System is intended for use for winter / cold temperature applications, for short turn-around times and for durable waterproofing applications. It is ideal for high-rise residential balconies, high traffic balconies, terraces and walkways.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Top Coat