Dur-A-Fast Quartz Broadcast Decorative Waterproofing System
High Build Decorative Balcony Coating System

Dur-A-Fast Decorative Broadcast Waterproofing System is a PMMA based, decorative balcony waterproofing system with a broadcasted decorative layer incorporated into the system. The decorative coating comes available in Gemstone and Granite. Dur-A-Fast Broadcast Decorative Waterproofing System is ideal for exterior decorative waterproofing applications, has excellent UV resistant and weatherability.  The system can be applied in cold temperatures and allows rapid re-coat and return to service times (in 1 hour). 

  • PMMA based technology
  • Extremely durable
  • Rapid curingm walk-on time in hour 
  • 1 day application
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Dur-A-Fast Quartz Broadcast Decorative Waterproofing System is used for decorative balcony floor finishes, retail patio decks, outdoor seated areas and general public walkways. It is also idea for extreme, high traffic balconies and large span areas.

Physical Properties
Performance Properties
System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Decorative Coat
+ Dur-A-Quartz Broadcast Aggregate
Top Coat #1
Top Coat #2