Dur-A-Fast Vehicular Waterproofing System
Rapid Return to Service, High Abrasion Resistant PMMA Based Traffic Bearing Waterproofing System

Dur-A-Fast Traffic Bearing Vehicular Waterproofing System is a PMMA (polyurethane modified methyl-methacrylate) based traffic bearing waterproofing system for vehicular parking decks. Features silica sand broadcasted to refusal for an extremely durable, high abrasion resistant waterproofing system. Ideal for high traffic parking decks, heavily used turning lanes, ramps and ticket gateways. Rapid return to service in 2 hours, 1 day application.

  • PMMA Technology 
  • Very Effective Waterproofing Membrane - 100% Solids
  • Extra High Traffic Bearing Surface
  • Very High Build
  • Long Product Shelf Life
  • Return to Service 1 hour after final coat

Dur-A-Fast Traffic Bearing Vehicular Waterproofing System is intended for use for rapid turn around, high performance durability and very high adhesion & abrasion resistant. It is ideal for parking decks and structures and turn and drive lanes, and helical turn ramps.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Intermediate Coat
Top Coat