Dur-A-Flake Chip Floor System
A Decorative Multi-Coloured Chip Flake Seamless Epoxy Floor System

Dur-A-Flake Chip Flake Floor System is a decorative multi-coloured chip flake, seamless epoxy floor system. It is easily installed as a system to produce a tough durable multi-coloured granite-like finish. Dur-A-Flake incorporates a coloured epoxy-based primer, a body coat with multi-coloured paint chip flakes, a clear grout coat and a clear abrasion resistant topcoat sealer to yield a long wearing decorative floor.  Installed at 50 mils (1.5 mm), the Dur-A-Flake offers excellent performance for a variety of floor areas.

  • Fast and easy installation for a decorative appearance
  • Very low odour
  • Economical and durable floor with excellent colour retention properties
  • Resistant to contaminants such as salt and light chemicals
  • CFIA accepted
  • Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Customizable finishing sheen
  • Impermeable and waterproof
  • 8 standard colour blends
  • Customizable colours and blends available

Dur-A-Flake Chip Flake Floor System is used as a decorative flooring system to product a long-term, low maintenance floor for high traffic retail, commercial, residential and institutional applications. The finish topcoat is available in smooth or fine texture to provide sure footing and anti-slip properties. Dur-A-Flake Chip Flake Floor System is ideal for decorative flooring applications subject to high traffic, variety of commercial and retail applications, institutional floors, health care facilities, laboratories and residential applications, especially residential garages.

Physical Properties

Please see Durex® Dur-A-Quartz Colour Selector for available colour options.


Primer: (Durex® Epotel GSC)

Decorative Flake Broadcast:

(Durex® Epotel GSC + Durex® Decorative Chip Flakes)


Grout Coat:(Durex® Epotel GSC Clear)

Top Coat: (Durex® Epotel GSC Clear)

5 m2/L (200 ft2/gal) @ 8 mils WFT

-Epotel GSC: 2.5 m2/L (100 ft2/gal) @ 15 mils

-Decorative Flakes: Full saturation to excess broadcast.  Approx. 1 m2/kg (5 ft2/ lb)

4 m2/L (160 ft2/gal) @ 10 mils WFT

8 m2/L (320 ft2/gal) @ 5 mils WFT

Mix Ratio

2:1 by volume

Pot Life

   25 minutes (Epotel GSC)

Service Temperature Range

Minimum: 0°C/Maximum: 50°C/Quick Term: 95°C

Performance Properties
Compressive Strength @ 7 days

ASTM C 579

11,500 psi

Tensile Strength

ASTM C 307

3,00 psi

Flexural Strength

ASTM C 580

10,500 psi

Bond Strength

ACI 503R

350 psi concrete fails

Abrasion Resistance - CS-17 wheel, 1 kg. load, 1000 rev.

ASTM D 4060

35-45 mg. max weight loss

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Intermediate Coat
+ Coloured Chip Flakes
Polyurethane Top Coat
Epoxy Top Coat