Epoxy Guard Pro - Water Based Epoxy Floor Coating System
Low Yellowing, Protective Flooring

Epoxy Guard Pro Water Based Epoxy Coating is a two‐component, versatile, professional grade UV Resistant water‐based epoxy coating for light duty floor applications.  It is designed a durable protective interior floor coating for light traffic areas. Epoxy Guard Pro is easy to use and install, making it an ideal maintenance coating system for light duty areas.    

  • Excellent UV resistance over standard epoxy coatings
  • Available in Matte, Satin & Gloss
  • Water-based, very low VOC and virtually odourless
  • Self-priming, fast drying
  • Excellent adhesion to wide variety of substrates
  • Very low flame spread rating
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding water pounding and chemical resistance
  • Excellent leveling, flow and microform-free properties
  • No induction time
  • CFIA approved, USDA accepted

Epoxy Guard Pro is a versatile, hard-wearing protective coating for walls and floors typically used as a protective interior wall coating for concrete and drywall in high-traffic applications exposed to UV rays or that require a non-yellowing finish. Mainly for use in institutional and industrial applications. It is also an excellent protective coating for metal surfaces. Epoxy Guard Pro is ideal for durable coating for a variety of applications, interior wall coating for hospitals, schools, institutions and industrial applications, primer and wear resistant topcoat for interior walls and maintenance coating for doors, railings,etc.

System Layer Optional Products Per Layer Notes
Intermediate Coat
Top Coat
Polyurethane Top Coat