Durex® ACR – SMOOTH METALLIC is a specially designed architectural finish system that is intended to replicate metal façade surfaces when applied over the base coat of our Durex® EIF Systems. Durex® ACR - SMOOTH METALLIC is ideal for creating distinctive architectural features on exterior/interior wall surfaces and can be applied to new and existing buildings. It provides a flat and smooth non-reflective surface incorporating reveals and control joints, allowing the designer the flexibility to replicate the appearance of panelized facades.

  • Non-reflective, monochromatic finish masks imperfections or flaws in former substrate - perfect for retrofits!
  • Cost-effective alternative to prefabricated metal panels
  • Monolithic design over a 3 m2 (32 ft2) surface area, offering an array of architectural possibilities
  • Exceptional durability
  • Unique optical and aesthetical effects through a broad range of colours
  • Weather resistant with high water repellency
  • High water vapour transmission (very breathable)
  • Low dirt-pick-up resistance
  • High colour stability and UV resistance
  • Installed by skilled and trained contractors

Exterior and interior walls in new constructions or retrofits
Exceptional option for hotels, healthcare, community centers, and commercial or retail buildings that require a premium accent façade