Decorative Stucco
Cement Based Vinyl Modified Sprayed Stucco

150 SF / Bag @ 1/8" Thickness


Decorative Stucco is a cement based vinyl modified stucco, formulated for application using a variety of texturing methods. Various attainable textures include flat, Spanish style, adobe, spray and another unique custom designed textures and patterns.

  • Economical.
  • Various texture finishes; texture limited only by user’s imagination.
  • Can be applied by trowel, spray and other methods such as sponge, broom, etc.
  • Regulated set time.
  • Only add potable water for mixing.
  • Excellent adhesion over a wide number of substrates.
  • Hard wearing surface, not easily damaged.

Decorative Stucco is an economical quality texturing product which can be used for both exterior and interior applications on walls and ceilings as a final texture finish. Durex® Decorative Stucco can also be used as a base coat to smooth out irregularities in substrates, such as misaligned concrete pours and poor joints in masonry construction.

Physical Properties
Product type

Cement based stucco


White powder with fine aggregates


CAS-Registry No. 65997-15-1 (contains Portland Cement)

Bulk Density

1290 kg/m³ (80 ft³)

Bulk Pot Life

3 hr- 6 hrs (depending on temperature and humidity)

Mixing Ratio
  • 1 bag Durex® Decorative Stucco
  • 9 litres water (2 gallons)
Average Coverage
  • Fine texture – 13.9 m2 (150 ft2) / bag
  • Med texture – 9.3 m2 (100 ft2) / bag
  • Coarse texture – 4.6 – 7.0 m2 (50-75 ft2) / bag
  • Average coverage is 14 m2 at 3.2 mm (150 ft2 at 1/8”) thickness. A test sample should be applied to establish practical coverage of the selected texturing method.
Substrate Requirement

Clean concrete, cement stucco base or alkyd primed drywall