EIFS Tape Superstick TM
High Adhesion Air/Vapour-Barrier Transition Membrane
Technical Performance Features
High Tack Transition Membrane

50 Linear Feet per roll

07 25 00

EIFS Tape Superstick TM is a primer-free air and moisture barrier transition membrane used in conjunction with our Water Resistive Barriers (WRB) to bridge inter-face gaps and to create continuity in the water penetration barrier within a wall assembly. EIFS Tape Superstick TM is a VOC/HFCC/CFC free membrane comprised of a high tack pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and topped with a high performance polyester surface. The polyester surface enhances the adhesion when our Insulation Adhesive is applied directly to this surface. EIFS Tape Superstick TM can be applied over gypsum board, wood, metal, polystyrene and polyethylene surfaces. EIFS Tape Superstick TM is self-sealing when penetrated with mechanical fasteners. EIFS Tape superstick TM should be used to seal window and door openings, joints in dissimilar substrates and wherever water infiltration may be a concern.

  • 30 day exposure rating.
  • Fully adhered system.
  • No primer needed.
  • Antimicrobial coated fabric.
  • Split release liner for easy application.
  • Seals around properly installed fasteners.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Sticks to substrates at -20°F.
  • No VOC’s, HFCC’s, nor CFC’s.
  • Compatible with and will adhere to most construction surfaces, wood, concrete, CMU Block, OSB, plywood, glass mat exterior sheathing products, foam insulation board, ICF, metal, TPO and EPDM.
  • Forms a positive air/moisture barrier.

EIFS Tape Superstick TM is designed to collect and direct any water within the cavity to the exterior of the building enclosure. Fully bonded to the exterior face of the sheathing, Primerless EIFS Tape prevents accumulated cavity water from seeping back into the structure. Installation of EIFS Tape superstick TM should be considered at the base of all cavity walls clad with brick, EIFS, pre-finished metal and siding. It should be applied at all inter-face gaps located throughout a wall assembly, such as window and door openings, expansion joints, dissimilar substrates, metal flashing, through-wall penetrations and wherever water infiltration is possible. EIFS Tape superstick TM is suitable for use in a variety of building assemblies and combination with most common construction materials, including; concrete, masonry, metal, wood and gypsum sheathing.

Physical Properties



17 mils

Performance Properties
Method Results
Self Sealability

ASTM D1970, Section 7.9


Water Vapour Permeance


  • Wet Cup 0.270 Perms
  • Dry cup 0.296 Perms
Cold Temperature Flexibility



Grab Tensile

ASTM D5034

Warp 67 lbs / Weft 57 lbs

Tensile Elongation a Max load

ASTM D5034

Warp 16% / Weft 107%

Mixed fungal assessment


No growth at 28 days

In-Service Temperature

-45°F / -42°F to 300°F / 148.90 °C

Installation Temperature

-20°F / -28°C to 125°F / 51.6 °C

Solubility to Water


UV Stability

30 days