Acrylic Resin Bond
100% Acrylic Polymer Cement Modifier

Acrylic Resin Bond is a water based, 100% acrylic polymer cement additive. Acrylic Resin Bond has been specially formulated to provide maximum adhesion and ideal application properties when used as a versatile general-purpose latex additive to Portland cement-based plasters and repair mortars.

  • Superior bonding to concrete and masonry.
  • Longer open time of mixes.
  • Consistent job site quality control.
  • Simplified job site mixing as no water or other additives required.
  • Low moisture absorption rate of the mixes.
  • Higher compressive and flexural strength of cementitious mixtures.
  • Reduced shrinkage and cracking plaster mixes.
  • Versatile general bonding additive.

Acrylic Resin Bond when mixed with Uniplast is used as a concrete wall and floor patching for shallow and deep repairs, in maximum lifts of 6.4 mm (1/4"). Acrylic Resin Bond can be used as a general purpose latex additive in providing a latex/cement slurry bonding mix, Sand/Portland cement repair mortar and parging mix.

Physical Properties
Product Type

Water-based acrylic emulsion


White milky liquid


60-100 cps

Ph Level

9.0 to 9.5



Mix open time

45 minutes

Mixing ratio

(See Durex® Uniplast, Group F)

Masonry parge coat:

Cement plaster base:  



  • 1 bag Uniplast Grey Medium, 5 litres Durex® Acrylic Resin Bond
  • 4.65 m2 @ 3mm (50 ft2 @ 1/8”)
  • 1 bag Durex® Uniplast Grey Coarse,  4.5 litres Acrylic Resin Bond
  • 2.32 m2 @ 6mm (25 ft2 @ 1/4”)
Bond coat

25 Kg Portland Cement, 8 litres Durex® Acrylic Resin Bond

Plaster base

(See Durex® Uniplast, Group F)