Duracrete Trowel Aggregate
Silica Blend for Duracrete Trowel Epoxy Flooring System

Duracrete Trowel Aggregate is a high purity silica sand with sub-angular granules in a special blend designed for optimal trowel ability in an epoxy resin matrix. 

  • Extremely durable, highly abrasion resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Proprietary, tightly packed, easy to apply sand mixture
  • Can be hand or power troweled

Duracrete Trowel Aggregate is the silica sand blend used in part with the Duracrete Trowel Epoxy Flooring System to protect new concrete which will be exposed to mechanical and chemical abuse, or to resurface, level, pitch or slope existing floor slabs in industrial applications. Duracrete Trowel Aggregate is used for extra heavy-duty processing areas, especially for food and beverage industry, high traffic lanes and ailes, heavy-duty production and assembly floors, garbage rooms, wash-down stations, showers, locker rooms and warehouse floors where protection from chemical abuse is desired and chemical exposure is not severe.

Physical Properties

Silica Sand Colour - Plain

Service Temperature Range

Min. 0°C/Max. 50°C/Quick Term 95°C