Equalite Select Vent Board
A Pre-Manufactured, Pre-Back-Wrapped Detail Drainage Board For the Durex Equalite Select EIFS System

Equalite Select Vent Board is a pre-manufactured, pre-back-wrapped detail drainage board for the Durex® Equalite Select EIFS System. It is comprised of mineral wool insulation boards with a density of 128 kg/m3 (8 lb/ft3) measuring 4' by 8", with rectangular 10mm channels and vent strip to facilitate drainage of the system. Equalite Select Vent Boards are pre-back wrapped with factory applied base coat and reinforcing mesh. Equalite Select Vent Board facilitates positive drainage of the Durex® Equalite Select EIFS System


- Facilitaes maximum drainage

  • Propriatary design
  • Meets 2017 NEBC, OBC SB-10 & SB-12 for Continuous Insulation (CI)
  • Forms part of total tested and approved system (refer to system technical data sheet)
  • Facilitate for ideal sealant joint placement
  • Guarantees crisp termination lines

Equalite Select Vent Boards form part of the required components for the Equalite Select System.  The ventboard is propriatary designed to facilitate maximum drainage.  It is utilized at all lower extremity of horizontal joints and teminations (refer to system design details).  The interface joint where the Equalite Select Vent Board is used is completed with backer rod and sealant vented at maximum 1200mm (48") o.c.